Fundo Encantado (“enchanted farm”) sits on the banks of one of the world’s most renowned whitewater rivers, the Futaleufú, known for its stunning turquoise color and challenging rapids. Set in the Valle de los Reyes, or Valley of the Kings, the fundo contains a series of terraced pastures and groves of coihue and cypress trees ringed by snowcapped 8,000-foot peaks. Resident wildlife includes honking black-necked ibises, Magellanic woodpeckers, and Patagonian foxes. The house is situated at the center of the property with views of the confluence of the Espolón and Futaleufú Rivers. Fundo Encantado is located five kilometers from the village square of Futaleufú.

The traditional wood-shingled house has three bedrooms, each with twin beds, that sleep a total of six guests comfortably. Constructed with native woods, it is a model of green living, with a passive solar system and water pumped in from a natural spring. The main feature is a large living/dining space with vaulted ceiling, anchored on one end by a riverstone fireplace. The kitchen, adjoined by a sizable pantry, has both gas and wood stoves. The latter assists in the house’s central heating. There are two full baths, one attached to the master bedroom on the ground floor, the other shared by the two upstairs bedrooms. There is also a half bath off the living/dining room. A mudroom with hooks for jackets and shelves for boots reflects the traditional design of the house.

Set on a 300-acre, oxbow peninsula of the Futaleufú River, Fundo Encantado offers access to extraordinary fly fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking.

This unique property is a step or two above most accommodations that can be found in this region. Fundo Encantado is ideal for families and groups looking to combine a comfortable, stylish base with customized world class outdoor adventures.

Chile Vacation Rental: Luxury Vacation Rental in Chilean Patagonia at Fundo Encantado, located just outside the picturesque village of Futaleufú. For groups or families looking for a more private and exclusive experience than the typical lodge or hotel in Futaleufu can offer. © Fundo Encantado 2018