Amenities & Services:

Fundo Encantado welcomes guests to Futaleufú with a wide range of amenities and services that can’t be found at other accommodations in the valley.

A vacation rental with us includes:

•Exclusive use of the house and property by your family or group.
•Central living room with wood-burning stove.
•Radiant hot water heating throughout the house from the central stove.
•Private bathrooms with modern fixtures and on-demand hot water.
•Complete kitchen at your disposal with refrigerator and stove.
•Reading library.
•Private beach along the lagoon for fly-fishing and wading.
•Guided walks on horseback around the property, with provided horses and tack.
•Transportation into the town of Futaleufu (one round-trip per day during your stay)
•Pick-up upon arrival and drop-off when departing: in town, at Futaleufu Airport, or at El Limite (border with Argentina, about six miles from the farm)

Optional Offerings (for a fee)

Local transportation to area activities (for a reasonable fee, depending on distance)

Dinner preparation: Nightly dinners can be provided if requested in advance, often with produce from the farm’s organic gardens. The caretakers will provide the food, prepare the meal, and clean up afterwards. The cost for dinner preparation is 12,000 Chilean pesos (about 20 usd) plus the cost of the groceries.

Housekeeping services upon request (cost is 12,000 pesos, about 20 usd per visit)
Please let us know if you or your group requires any special arrangements. We are happy to honor special requests and want to make your vacation rental in Chile as memorable as possible.


Chile Vacation Rental: Luxury Vacation Rental in Chilean Patagonia at Fundo Encantado, located just outside the picturesque village of Futaleufú. For groups or families looking for a more private and exclusive experience than the typical lodge or hotel in Futaleufu can offer. © Fundo Encantado 2018