Fly Fishing


The fly fishing waters in the Futaleufu valley have a legendary reputation in the sport fishing community. The Futaleufú River is renowned for its rainbow trout and large brown trout, with brook trout populating the colder tributaries like the Azul River. There are also seasonal spawning runs of Coho, King and Atlantic salmon.

The village of Futaleufú sits near the continental divide of the Southern Andes between Chile and Argentina and is only 85 km (53 miles) from the Pacific Coast. Its unique geographical location creates a sequence of micro-climates in the short distance between the arid pampas of Argentina and the temperate rainforests of coastal Chile. As a result, this creates many types of sport fishing opportunities in the various ecosystems and Fundo Encantado is conveniently located to give guests access to all the best spots.

Fly fishers can fish from Fundo Encantado itself where there is a wide beach and enormous recirculating eddy that forms a protected lagoon just above the confluence of the Futaleufú and Espolón Rivers. The lagoon offers a great opportunity to fish with dry flies that mimic whatever insect hatches are occurring at the time. The confluence itself can be fished with streamers if the waters are not moving too swiftly.

Away from Fundo Encantado guests can make journeys into Argentina or toward the Pacific Coast to avail themselves of other fishing opportunities. Fundo Encantado sits 6.5 km (4 mi) from the Argentine border where the terrain noticeably dries out and begins to resemble the more arid regions of the American West. One of the more famous fly fishing destinations on that side of the border is Los Alerces National Park. Staying within Chile, and an easy drive from Fundo Encantado, fly fishers can fish the Espolón River, and the Upper “Limite” section of the Futaleufú River. The famous Las Escalas section of the Futaleufú River lies to the south of Fundo Encantado on the same road that leads to the property. Further away, 30 km distant, is the colder Azul River in the middle of the Futaleufú Valley which is home to a population of speckled brook trout. And sixty kilometers down the same road lies the fish rich waters of Lago Yelcho.

Sport Fishing Regulations:

In Chile, the sport fishing season usually runs from the second Friday in November to the first Sunday in May. In Argentina the seasons usually runs from November 15th to April 15th. Periodically these dates have been known to shift.

Licenses are needed to fish in both countries. In Chile fishing licenses are available from Sernapesca (National Fish Service). They can be purchased online at: Sernapesca.com  or in person at a Sernapesca office. Sernapesca staffing is limited in Futaleufú so it is best to obtain the license online. Licenses for Argentina can be obtained here: http://www.maa.gba.gov.ar
Sport fishing in our region of Chile is strictly catch and release.

Finding a Fishing Guide:

Away from Fundo Encantado, many of the fishing locations in the Futaleufú river valley require local knowledge of the put-in and take-out locations and in some cases involve permissions from the land owners. Also, to fish the Futaleufú river itself requires guides with whitewater and fishing expertise. At Fundo Encantado we are in touch with a good many of the local bilingual fly fishing guides and can get you set up with what you need. Please let us know when you make your reservation that you want a fly fishing guide.

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