The house was completed in the year 2000, at a time when the only access to the property was by horse trail over a wooden swinging bridge. Most of the building materials were milled on the farm, including the large crossbeams and frame. Much of the furniture was transported across the Futaleufú River by Zodiac raft. At the time of construction, municipal electricity was not an option so the house required a fully self-sufficient passive solar system, still in use today.

In 2006 the municipality of Futaleufú built an unpaved road to the Las Escalas Valley, which passes through the Valle de los Reyes and Fundo Encantado. The town is now a 15-minute drive from the farm.

Fundo Encantado is a working ranch situated on a former flood plain with rich soils. Today there are more than 75 head of cattle grazing in the pastures, along with sheep and horses.

The farm is owned by the Weedens, an American family; its caretakers, Harry Morales, his wife, Marcela, and their three children, live in a farmhouse about 200 meters from the main house. They are available at any time to help guests. Their English is limited so if you’re not a native Spanish speaker, brush up on a few key phrases!

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