The Futaleufú River valley is world renowned for its whitewater rafting with three principle rivers, the Espolon, Azul and Futaleufú. The Rio Espolon is a class II-III beginner river perfect for learning to kayak or for family style float trips. The Rio Azul is a spectacular class III-IV tributary of the Futaleufú that enters the Futaleufú in the middle of the valley. It is great for kayak and ducky (inflatable kayak) descents and not often rafted.

Fundo Encantado sits directly above the Infierno Canyon section of the Futaleufu at the Rio Espolon confluence, the perfect location to allow guests to experience the best of both rivers. The Futaleufú river itself is divided into five rafting sections. From the top to bottom:

Inferno Canyon – Class V – The Infierno Canyon is the most difficult section of the Futaleufú River and is rarely rafted by outfitters. For people who want to raft the Infierno it is only possible by starting on the easier sections first and working their way up.

Las Escalas – Class III-IV – The Escalas section is a great introductory section of whitewater that includes the Class V rapids of Zeta and Throne Room. The put-in for this section is about 5km downstream of Fundo Encantado.

Terminator Section – Class IV-V – This river section is usually run after people have rafted the Bridge-to-Bridge section and includes the Class V Terminator rapid as well as the Himalayas which are some of the biggest waves on the river.

Bridge-to-Bridge Section – Class IV-IV+ – This is the most popular section of the Futaleufú River and is rafted almost everyday by the outfitters in town. This section offers the most reward for the least risk and is the section that most outfitters start their people on. It includes the two large and powerful Class IV+ rapids, Entrada and Mundaca.

Casa de Piedra Section – Class IV-V – This is the final whitewater section on the Futaleufú. It comes right after the Bridge-to-Bridge section and contains the Mas o Menos and Casa de Piedra rapids. A great step up from the Bridge-to-Bridge section and is often rafted as an add-on for experienced groups after the Bridge-to-Bridge section.

How to get on the river: 

To raft the Futaleufu River, either for a single day or multiple days, contact Expediciones Chile at www.exchile.com or visit them in town at the corner of Bernard O’Higgins and Gabriela Mistral streets.
Futaleufu Vacation Rental: Luxury Vacation Rental in Futaleufu Patagonia at Fundo Encantado, located just outside the charming village of Futaleufú. For groups or families looking for a more private and exclusive experience than the typical lodge or hotel in Futaleufu can offer. © Fundo Encantado 2018.