Rural Tourism

Apart from the main house and its environs Fundo Encantado is maintained as a working ranch throughout the year. Presently there are about 70 head of cattle grazing on the peninsula as well as horses and other livestock . The philosophy of the ranch centers around sustainable farming and sensible use of the land. We have consulted regional experts to help us manage the soil and fields and hope to serve as model to our neighbors regarding the most efficient, sustainable and productive use of agricultural lands. For guests who want a true Patagonia immersion experience we encourage you to tour the farm and get to the inner workings of our farm.

Other Cultural Immersion Experiences:

Los Tres Amigos

Just down the road from Fundo Encantatado is an organic farm that produces some of highest quality dairy, wool, and vegetables in the area. It is run by Benedicto Diocarets (Don Beni) who grew up in the nearby in Las Escalas Valley, where his family farmed the land essentially the same way he farms it today. Don Beni built everything on the farm that you will see today —two houses, barns, corrals, fences, and gardens and has lived off the land for more than two decades. You can still visit the remnants of the original 80 and 100+ year-old log cabins, which are located in the valley down by the river. It is a great stopover for guests wanting to experience the real Patagonia and purchase hand made woolens like sweaters, blankets and panchos. Visit his website here: Los Tres Amigos

Espolon Village Boat Ride

Espolon village is a remote Patagonia settlement that still resembles the way Futaleufú used to be 30 years ago. They are completely cut off from the electrical and transportation grids and still rely on horses and the old ways of the original colonials to earn their livelihood. On specific days of the week it is possible to catch a ferry across Lago Espolon to Espolon at the far side of the lake. After debarking, you will have the opportunity to explore the little settlement of Espolon on foot before returning on the boat in the afternoon. The lake crossing takes about 1.5 hours each way and it is a 5 km hike to the village.

Azul Valley Glacier Ride

Another off the beat path excursion is to travel up the Azul River Valley by horseback to its headwaters. A the top of the valley you will encounter a spectacular glacier and two tarn lakes that feed the river. This trip requires an overnight stay at one of the local homesteads or a camp-out for the more adventurous. The Azul River Valley is very rugged and still contains many old growth trees and is reminiscent of the way the Futaleufú Valley was before people arrived.
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